Product Knowledge

We know it can be a full time job just trying to find the equipment and supplies you need to run your business. That’s why we offer such a wide variety of products for your painting and coating processes. Here is an overview of what you’ll find in our product categories.


Abrasives: There are lots of items here! We’ve got your standard sanding discs for DA’s and for all types of applications such as metal, wood, composite, plastic and solid surface materials. We also have ScotchBrite products and some specialty abrasives for unusual needs or just getting into weird spaces.


Adhesives: Sometimes you just need to stick things together. (before someone realizes you broke it) We have lots of different adhesive types and chemistries to glue just about anything. If you have questions, give us a call and we’ll help you figure it out.


Body Filler: Yep, you guessed it, Bondo, Mud, etc., and some of the tools to mix and spread it. 
Look for some high-tech formulas and tools too.


Booth: This is the stuff that actually goes in the booth to keep it clean and functioning efficiently.


Finishing: If you want it pretty and shiny, this is the stuff you’ll need. Super-fine abrasives, polishing compounds and stuff like that.


Masking: Here you will find a wide variety of masking tapes, caps and plugs for all types of applications as well as masking paper and plastic sheeting for large area masking. Believe it or not, using the right masking tape can make your job a lot easier and make the final product look great. For example, if you are pulling long straight lines, use a flatback tape and not a crepe tape. If you’ve got questions, call us.


Paint process: Like the home page says, we have “everything but paint”. This stuff is closely related to, or touches the paint. Get it? It’s not actually paint. It’s guns, paint prep. systems, etc. OK, we have some cans of spray paint, but that doesn’t really count. Because I said so, that’s why.


Safety: It’s all fun and games until someone puts an eye out! But seriously folks, OSHA requires it and it just makes sense to keep everyone safe on the job. Eye injuries are some of the most common injuries in the workplace. We have eye protection in lots of styles to meet your needs and keep you looking as cool as possible in the process. Hearing protection, hard hats, gloves, coveralls, particle masks, respirators and even complete supplied air systems are all here.


Tape: This includes all types of tapes that aren’t masking tapes. Masking tapes have their own category and don’t play well with others. Here you will find all kinds of duct tape, specialty tapes, electrical tape, 8 track tapes,(not really) etc. There is also VHB(very high bonding) permanent 2 sided tapes, hook & loop and dual-lock re-closeable fastening systems.


Tools: Here you will find . . . tools. Yep, we’re geniuses.